InfoComm16 New Audio Product Wrap-Up

Denon Pro – Media Players

Denon Professional offers 4 media players: the DN-300MP, DN-300UI, DN-500DC and DN-500CB. The DN-300MP is a multimedia player using Bluetooth, USB and 3.5mm inputs, along with stereo line outputs and a built-in single-channel 60W Class-D amp. It also features a shelf for smartphone storage/charging, and 4Ω, 70V and 100V amp outputs on a Phoenix connector. The DN-300UI is an Internet Radio and FM broadcast player with 250-channel memory that can access worldwide weather and stock index information. The DN-500DC is a dual CD/media player with discrete balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA outputs and RS232 control that supports playback from CD, SD card and USB. The DN-500CB is a pro CD player with Bluetooth, USB and Auxiliary inputs designed for the lower-budget commercial installation market. It features Bluetooth Pairing, Front Panel Lock, Power On Play, direct access to tracks, settings memory after power loss and balanced XLR output.

Denon Professional

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