DC 5900 F Flush Mounted Discussion Unit

ShureIn today’s meeting spaces, system integrators face the challenge of blending high-tech capabilities with intuitive functionality and beautiful design aesthetics. The DC 5900 F Flush Mounted Discussion Unit brings innovative modular design, a sleek appearance, and unparalleled ease of installation to the proven performance and flexibility of the DDS 5900 Digital Discussion System. New automatic configuration technology greatly reduces installation time and complexity.  By simply attaching the appropriate button overlay, the unit is automatically configured as either a Chairman or Delegate unit with a specific feature set.  Expanded microphone options, including Shure Microflex® microphones, make it easier to tailor audio performance to room acoustics. The optional loudspeaker can be placed adjacent to the unit to provide sound reinforcement or can be omitted when rooms utilize conventional wall- or ceiling-mounted speakers. With the DC 5900 F, installing a powerful and elegant discussion system has never been easier.

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