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Clair Bros. Creates Separate Manufacturing, AVL Integration Divisions

Clair Bros. Audio Systems, Inc., has announced a new trade name and logo for its audio, video and lighting (AVL) integration division. Effective immediately, the trade name Clair Solutions will serve as the company’s sole representation in the AVL integration industry. “We understand there’s some confusion and we’d like to clear it up,” stated Founder/CEO, Roy Clair, in a video announcing this new venture. According to the company, the Clair name has been known for decades as a leader in many fields, but this has led to a confusing brand identity. To help solve this dilemma, the company chose to dedicate the name Clair Solutions to its integration services to better communicate the core offerings of that division. The previously established Clair Brothers brand will continue to operate as a professional audio products manufacturer. As a result, the divisions will be able to function independently and focus on their separate and distinct identities.

Clair Solutions represents an expanding range of AVL integration services, including audio reinforcement, acoustics, video production, theatrical lighting, staging, rigging and control systems for performance venues, houses of worship, sports facilities, educational/corporate facilities, hotels, clubs, restaurants and cruise ships. “The mission of Clair Solutions is to provide the right solution for the customer’s project no matter the size of the organization or venue, and regardless of the equipment manufacturer,” said Clair. Offices in Pennsylvania, Texas and Tennessee serve a national and international customer base.

Clair Brothers manufacturing will continue to concentrate on sales and distribution of professional loudspeaker systems, both domestically and worldwide.

The new Clair Solutions website can be viewed at The new Clair Brothers website can be viewed at

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