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Voice Control Capabilities Enter The Workplace

Once-fantastical dreams are coming closer and closer to reality.0 428

The Case Of The Distorted Audio

Trust your instincts…and your established procedures!0 645
Figure 1. Projected coverage cones for ceiling loudspeaker system.

Under Cover

There’s more to obtaining even loudspeaker coverage than meets the eye. Part 10 833

Occupational Hazards

The effect that audiences and people can have on sound system performance. Part 20 874
Figure 1.

No Time For Complacency

Reserved channel for wireless microphones is pending before the FCC.0 352

Reversing The ABCs Of Acoustics

Using sound masking as a design platform.0 1404

The Evolution Of Sound Masking

From a “necessary evil” to a critical, but challenging, solution.0 1239

Look Who Finally Showed Up!

A look at acoustically delayed audio.0 970

Occupational Hazards

Exploring the effects audiences can have on sound-system performance. Part 10 1930

‘Invisible’ No Longer

Staying current on assistive-listening legislation and hearing-loop installation standards.0 859

Scaling The Wall Of Sound

The legendary sound system is one stop on a long, strange road.0 1816

Train Crash: Has Audio Training Come Off The Rails?

Education is the art of drawing out information, not ramming it in!0 1324

Minority Interests

Are we designing our sound systems for all of our listeners?0 768

Latency In Sound System Design

Keeping latency to a minimum can help you avoid common pitfalls.0 714

Consistent Conference Commissioning

Calibrated calls can champion confabulation.0 774

Interesting Times (For Wireless Audio)

The incredible shrinking spectrum.0 980
Figure 1. STI plot and statistics for a platform sound system.

Where’s The Point? Part 7

Averages and statistics: What was the number you wanted?0 901

Sounds Bad? Sounds Good? Who Knows The Difference Anymore?

Sound has been trivialized for convenience. That is a Disaster, with a capital “D,” for our industry.0 1333

Objective Analysis: Determining The Causes Of A Sound System’s Poor Performance

During my work, I am often asked to look at systems and advise why they are not performing as well … 0 361

Battle Of The (Frequency) Bands

The recently concluded auction will have a profound effect on wireless users.0 910
One Powell AT&T Store in San Francisco
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Psychology Of Sound

Diving deeper into sound strategy for retail.0 1566

Sound Absorption: The Material Facts

Where’s The Point? Part 60 1045

Bluetooth For Assistive Listening In Theaters

Piece of cake? Not quite.0 1252

Signal-To-Noise Ratio: When It Really Counts

AV9000 Checklist Item Under Test: 6.2.7: The electrical noise levels for all audio channels are “xx”dB (“55dB” recommended for most … 0 1164

Reverberation Time: Where’s The Point? – Part 4

<a href="">Part 1</a><br/><a href="">Part 2</a><br/><a href="">Part 3</a>0 1142
Bluetooth For Commercial AV

Bluetooth For Commercial AV

Fulfilling growing demand for the de facto consumer audio connectivity solution.0 1814

InfoComm’s First Audio Standard Gets A Facelift

Any day now (if it hasn’t already happened by the time you read this), InfoComm will be releasing a new … 0 1656
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Assistive Listening For Houses Of Worship

WiFi audio, loops, RF and IR are options.0 2287

Commissioning Theme Parks & Attractions

Can you hear me now?0 1115
Figure 1. Family of RT curves for a large reverberant auditorium; note the lower times of the EDT curve.

Sound Decay: Where’s The Point? – Part 3

“Sound decay” sounds like a disease that decrepit concert halls might suffer from, but that’s not what I mean. The … 0 1667
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NCAA’s Coors Center Upgrades Audio

PA system replaced after 35-year run.0 3149

Software Problems: A Glitch In The Matrix?

Troubleshooting decentralized, open-architecture DSP mixers.0 1101
induction loop

Induction Loop Technology: Gotcha!

You're not going to get away with brute forcing this technology.0 1833
Figure 1. Analog linear voltage and non-linear dB scales.

Accuracy: Where’s The Point? – Part 2

Last month, I discussed the differences between accuracy, precision and resolution when making some voltage/frequency measurements. In audio, however, we … 0 1210
Figure 1. Digital meter readout.

How Accurate Are Audio & Acoustic Measurements?

Where’s The Point? Part 10 1499

Zoning In On Sound Masking

Need trumps cost.0 1411

Cutting Through The Noise

The architectural trend toward open offices provides a unique opportunity for integrators.0 1272
Figure 1
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HDBaseT 101 – Part 1

Nearly 40% of integrators are already deploying or working with HDBaseT technology, and that number is expected to grow.0 3524

STIPA & Intelligibility

The ‘Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?!’ test. 0 1321

Wireless Mics & The FCC Incentive Auction

Important facts on the FCC Incentive Auction for AV integrators.0 2973
Figure 1. TV set with rear-facing loudspeakers; furniture mounted in room corner.

Nice Picture. Pity About The Sound!

Why TV sound is so poor.0 2137
Figure 1. Measured RT and EDT using a dodecahedron loudspeaker compared with RT and EDT with the new sound system as the source.

Chesapeake Energy Arena Measurements & Analysis

Marsh/PMK International was initially engaged to study the existing acoustical conditions and sound system performance at Chesapeake Energy Arena as … 0 1245

The Assistive Listening Playoffs

Which system is best suited to stadiums and arenas?0 1417

Hearing Loops Get The Vote

Hearing-impaired individuals prefer this assistance system.1 2061
Energy Masking

Energy Masking: Reducing Distraction & Achieving Privacy

Improving methods for reducing distraction and achieving privacy.0 1492

Lobbies Getting Louder

Hotel lobbies have become hipster hangouts and alternative music venues. Properties like the Ace Hotel locations in New York, Pittsburgh, … 0 1264
Figure 1. Two very different sounds with identical dBA values.

Single-Number Metrics

What’s Their Value?0 1562

How Loud Should A System Be?

Most clients are not comfortable speaking in terms of “dBs.”0 1827
pag-nag feedback solution
Audio, AV Police Squad

Stop Feedback At Its Source!

PAG-NAGs and why they rule.0 2321
Figure 1. Unbalanced auditorium RT characteristic and target curve.

A Question Of Balance: Good Acoustics Need A Balanced Approach

Part of my job is to review the work of others or proposals from contractors and installers. This can be … 0 1596
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Setting Mic Levels To Combat The ‘Yelling Crawler’

I had the privilege of watching an IT guy setting microphone levels the other day. It was a difficult room … 0 2459
Average threshold of hearing at 20kHz versus listener age.

Sound: It’s Not Just About Listening

All day, every day, and all night, every night, we are surrounded by and exposed to sound. Unlike our sense … 0 1666

The Role Of Audio In Themed Entertainment

Many of you know that famous George Lucas quote that “Sound is 50% of the movie-going experience.” For those of … 0 1673

Good Reference Materials For Acoustics & Audio System Design Are Key

Over the years, I have collected a technical library of around 200 books about audio and acoustics, and it’s my … 0 2700
Figure 2. Sub response shaped by applied DSP where each pair has increasing delay applied from the inside pair on the C/L to pairs 2, 3 and 4, moving toward the outsides of the horizontal array.

For The Love Of Mic…Put That Subwoofer Somewhere Else!

Using prediction software can put subwoofers where they should be. Subwoofers are the red-headed stepchildren of audio integration. They’re always … 0 2766
Hannah Boyd Photography 

Subs Are Key To Church Audio Installation

A challenging installation took place recently at the 800-seat Dan River Church in Danville VA, where a subwoofer solution resulted … 0 1564
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Industry Pioneers #3: Dr. Harvey Fletcher And The Rise Of Applied Physics

This article was originally published in the October 2000 issue of Sound & Communications. By the end of the 19th Century, … 0 1591
1) basic mixer, (2) DSP with matrix mixer, (3) zone processor, (4) production mixer.

Same Name, Different Purpose: The Apples And Oranges Of Audio Mixers

“You’re selling me a digital mixer for my conference room that is several times more expensive than the one I … 0 2203

Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) Explained

One of the key features on DSP units is Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC). This feature is not usually found in … 0 2858

Silence Of The Cams

Whereas I often wear a set of noise-canceling headphones on a plane, I have always wondered how effective they are. … 0 1341
mixer slider - house of worship

RS232 Overload

Checklist Item Under Test: 3.4.17: The port and processor are of an adequate size and buffer given their intended function. … 0 1396
Club Neo in Zurich is a dazzling new club/bar/restaurant on the ground floor of an upscale high rise.

Acoustic Design: Beautiful, Effective & Invisible

Dramatic leaps in acoustic design and technology have enabled acousticians to provide clients with a myriad of options for tuning … 0 2740
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Audio: It always depends.

I always teach my colleagues, my students…heck, even my 2 and 5 year olds, that you should set the microphone … 0 2158
The Heathkit CR-1

What Were You Doing In The 1950s?

I’m going to take a journey off the usual beaten path this time. There won’t be any discussions about wireless, … 0 1757

Ear Peace

In last month’s column (“Sex & Audio”), I mentioned how there are distinct differences between male and female sound preferences … 0 1683
audio feedback

The Figure-Eight Feedback: Why ceiling mics and mix-minus shouldn’t mix.

Checklist Item Under Test: 6.31: Confirm that the speech reinforcement system is stable (no feedback) for the entire talker and … 0 2281

Sex & Audio: A Clear Case Of Discrimination!

Various studies have been carried out over the years that show clear differences between how males and females listen and … 0 2760
The Albuquerque City Council Chamber. Photo: Stephen Frazier

Hearing Loops: Assistive Listening Systems That Are Actually Used

After years of neglect, the federal government recognized the special auditory needs of the hard of hearing in the Americans … 0 1989

Gymnatorium Absorption: The Sweet Spot

Although acoustic absorption is not usually the focal point of an install, it should not be discounted. You may not … 0 1707

Aid Memoire! A Follow up to ‘Loop Gain’

It would seem that my September and October 2015 discussions have sparked more interest than almost any other I have … 0 1316

Condenser/Dynamic Mics

“When I look at the proposal for this system, I see there are multiple mic options available. Some of it … 0 1530

Trust: Building it is Hard and Keeping it is Harder

Checklist Item Under Test: Report Signature: “I hereby certify that, in accordance with specification in product, practice and performance, this … 0 1469

Sound Advice: On The Level Part 2: Peak Demand

Last month, I discussed the various sound level meter frequency weightings and integration times, and how these can affect the … 0 1294

Achieving An Effective Sound Masking Curve

Recent design trends make today’s facilities ever more dependent on sound masking for speech privacy and noise control. Because a … 0 2708
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Industry Pioneers #2: Bell, Edison And The Dawn of Telephony

This article was originally published in the June 2000 issue of Sound & Communications. It should come as no surprise that … 0 1531

The A, B, C To Z Of Sound Level Measurement

The other day, I was discussing signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) with a colleague and bemoaning the fact that many research papers/articles … 0 2410
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Producing Mega Experiences With Scott Mirkin

Forty large LED screens brought Pope Francis closer to audiences in Philadelphia. Although event producers have successfully used digital media … 0 2276
Audio, Installations

Bojangles’ Coliseum Stays Competitive With New Audio

If you like to root for the underdog, then Bojangles’ Coliseum warrants your attention. The 9600-seat venue sits in a … 0 1774
Courtesy Monte Bros.
Audio, House Of Worship

Cathedral Basilica Of Saints Peter And Paul Audio

In mid-August, I received a call from Fr. Gerald Gill, the rector of the Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and … 0 1789

Validation: Caring About The Process Is Key

My manager at a hi-fi store years ago told me the secret to selling anything. First, recognize that the customer … 0 1245

Loop Gain—x2 It’s all about listening!

Last month’s piece about hearing aids and assistive listening devices seems to have struck a chord with many readers and, … 0 1244
Audio, Business, Video

Coaxial Cable Is Still A Player

Ring out the old, ring in the…old? Last June at InfoComm, my industry colleague Malissa Dillman of Kramer Electronics taught … 0 3184

What Is Sound?

Become a Brain Surgeon in just 15 Minutes a Day! Okay, maybe not. Have you ever been asked to describe … 0 1332

Loop Gain—With A Difference

Audio frequency induction loop systems. About 10% to 14% of the general population (US and Northern Europe) suffers from a … 0 1240

No License? No Problem!

FCC issues new wireless/white space rules. On August 6, 2015, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) released new rules concerning wireless … 0 1188

Under Cover: What’s 6dB between friends?

As is well known, the nominal coverage angle of a loudspeaker is defined by its off axis, 6dB down points. … 0 1536
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Industry Pioneers #1: Lord Rayleigh 1842-1919

This article was originally published in the February 2000 issue of Sound & Communications. In this series of articles, we will … 0 2077
Audio, Installations

Technology Fulfills Holland Performing Arts Center’s Needs

“The times they are a-changin’.” Bob Dylan’s lyric aptly applies to the Peter Kiewit Concert Hall at the Holland Performing … 0 1440
Audio, News

Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow: Some factors that affect our hearing perception.

The other day, I was setting up a fairly sophisticated and unusual paging voice alarm system and was checking out … 0 1179
Audio, Digital Signage, News, Video

Cinema Sizzle: Getting into the show.

Movie theaters are not just for movies anymore: They are now upscale venues offering the flair of Hollywood for all … 0 1224
Audio, Business

Playing the Numbers Game: Who is Responsible When it all goes Wrong?

Last month, I noted that some of the current STIPA meters do not meet the current (or even recent) standards … 0 1226

Digital Wireless Mic Frequency Coordination Part 1: I should have known there was an app for that.

Checklist Items Under Test: 6.35: For wireless microphone systems, with all wireless microphones turned on, confirm that, throughout the specified … 0 1499
Audio, IT/AV, Video

Caution! Merging Buses Ahead!

I would guess that a few readers of “AVent Horizon” are old enough to remember the Firesign Theater, a comedy … 0 1127
Audio, Installations

Getting Students Involved

Seating in the Colony High School auditorium varies, and the room is used for theatrical presentations, concerts, school and community … 0 1501
Audio, Installations, IT/AV, Video

The Backbone Of Healthcare: Tyler Junior College’s technology-enhanced classrooms.

In response to the critical need for nursing and other healthcare professionals in the state of Texas, Tyler Junior College … 0 1340
Audio, IT/AV

Audio Over IP: Easy On The Budget, With Futureproof Design

Adoption of “audio-over-IP” technology is increasingly prevalent, and it’s a market presence worth discussing for systems integration. In basic terms, … 0 1312
Audio, Business

Wireless vs. LTE Devices: The battle over 600MHz white space.

The Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) broadcast television spectrum incentive auction has been a source of consternation and hand-wringing from parties … 0 2152
Audio, News

The State Of The Audio Union

Last fall, I was attending a Dante symposium presented by Audinate in New York City. Shortly after lunch, while waiting … 0 1213
Audio, IT/AV, News

It’s Time to Dive Into Audio Networking

Commercial and installed audio is at a crossroads. The inevitable merging of computer networking technology and audio distribution is here; … 0 1253

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