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Artear Upgrades Newsroom Display

Artear, headquartered in Buenos Aires, is one of Argentina’s longest-running and most prolific television networks. As an innovator in the broadcasting industry in Latin America, Artear decided to build a state-of-the-art newsroom to keep setting the pace for regional news broadcasting and creative, high-quality content. Argentina-based Proshow Audiovisual, an AV equipment rental and production services company, helped make the project a success. ATEN control system VK2100, paired with modular matrix solution VM1600, was chosen to power the newsroom videowalls at Artear.

Artear’s top priority for their new 5×5 and 10×6 videowall installation was flexibility, and the challenges included…

  • Customizable solution with minimal lag when switching: Artear was looking for a flexible solution that was able to be easily and quickly customized to support the fast-paced video display needs of a cutting-edge newsroom with fast switching between video sources in real-time.
  • Easy video wall layout control: To switch among different video wall layouts and content sources easily and quickly.
  • Reliable power redundancy: Power stability and redundancy that is critical for a 24-7 newsroom environment.
  • Multiple video inputs & outputs control: To control a large 10×6 video wall and a smaller 5×5 video wall with 16 different SDI input sources.
  • Long distance transmission: To extend the 5×5 video wall content up to 70 meters to account for the design architecture of the newsroom.

For this case, ATEN provided six VM1600 units, incorporated with VM7404 3G-SDI input boards, VM8804 HDMI output boards and VM8514 HDBaseT output boards, 16 VS146 splitters with two VK2100 control boxes, and 25 VE805R HDMI HDBaseT–Lite receivers to fulfill the requirements.

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