Cultivate Community Using IMAG
Technology brings people closer together.

     We live in an image-driven world. I am writing this while working in a large, beautiful, new house of worship (HOW) in Vienna, Austria.
Published in December 2009
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The ACU Performance Standard Is Here
So what? Now what?

     For years, people said that InfoComm would never “do” standards. They said that the industry was too entrenched in its many proprietary ways, and that you could never get people to agree.
Published in December 2009
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After Designing And Installing, ’s Next?
Commissioning the installation plays an important role.

     Commissioning is a systematic process of ensuring that the building systems perform according to the design intent and the owner’s operational requirements.
Published in December 2009
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Opportunities For Integrators
An overview of how HOWs use today’s technology.

     Newer communication technologies are being used in Houses of Worship (HOWs) around the world. Yet, I recently spoke with a few systems integrators who had minimal experience working in the HOW market.
Published in November 2009
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New Codes
NFPA 72-2010 heralds sweeping changes for emergency communication systems.

    The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) convened its annual convention/conference in Chicago in June 2009, with a number of proposed changes to NFPA 72-2010 proposed for adoption.
Published in November 2009
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Trend Spotting Part 1
Scaling down the production footprint.

    Spending money for communication technologies has slowed in the House of Worship (HOW) sector. Spending, however, has not stopped. I believe that worship leaders will not stop spending money for communication technologies because these technologies play a fundamental role in enhancing the worship experience in settings small and large.
Published in Septemeber 2009
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Looking Toward 2010
A brief bit of good with the bad.

    There is no easy way to say this other than just to say it: This economy is really screwed up. Unemployment is at its highest since 1982, and as we occasionally feel like the economy might be picking up a little, unemployment continues to rise.
Published in August 2009
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Circuit Riders Of The 21st Century
Harnessing the power of mediated technologies.

    I have often grumbled over the sources from which our industry receives direction. Some believe that this direction trickles up from the consumer industry. The consumer segment decides on VHS versus BetaMax, and we eventually get professional VHS decks with rack rails. Flat-screen LCDs saturate computer and home markets, and we finally get 60-inch diagonals.
Published in August 2009
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Small Houses Of Worship In Small Towns
Don’t ignore obvious opportunities.

    Small Houses of Worship (HOWs) in small towns are potential income sources for systems integrators. Unfortunately, these small HOWs often are ignored.
Published in June 2009
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Too Big To Fail Is Simply Too Big
What we need to do as we emerge from this crisis.

   A free market economy is one in which no one company dominates a market or segment. If it does, such as with AT&T years ago, we have a tendency to break it up and create more competition
Published in June 2009
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MasterFormat: What Has Changed—Or Not
The cascading effect.

    When the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) introduced the most recent version of MasterFormat (MF) in 2004, the AV industry braced for a move to the new version’s format that doubled the number of divisions from the 1995 version but also gave AV equipment a more distinct placement.
Published in June 2009
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The Power Of NSCA
Creating a sense of community.

    Creating a sense of community is important for the success of NSCA members. Whether it is through our business conference, ExpoJam! or becoming a member of NSCA’s Linked-In community, NSCA is searching for the best ways to reach its member
Published in June 2009
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InfoComm 100
A step in the right direction.

    I have often grumbled over the sources from which our industry receives direction. Some believe that this direction trickles up from the consumer industry. The consumer segment decides on VHS versus BetaMax, and we eventually get professional VHS decks with rack rails. Flat-screen LCDs saturate computer and home markets, and we finally get 60-inch diagonals.
Published in May 2009
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How To Make Money
The new administration’s proposed budget offers lots of opportunities.

    Have you given up? Not me! The spending here in North Carolina on education and the government has already started (thank you, EPA—explained later!).
Published in April 2009
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Thoughtful Metamorphosis
The good side of bad news.

    As you know, few believe that we will come out of this economic slide this year. In fact, many of the anticipated cutbacks in corporate spending that were hinted at last Fall are just now being felt in our industry because of lag effects in execution.
Published in April 2009
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The Stimulus Package Revisited
Following the money isn’t always that easy.

    The economy is taking hits that it has never had to take before. The unprecedented amount of job loss has unraveled every demand model constructed. The fall in demand has severely affected spending in every economic sector.
Published in March 2009
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Opportunities In Challenging Times
InfoComm delivers actionable insights.

    Are you ready to get off this economic rollercoaster? It seems that every day brings troubling news from Wall Street to Main Street. It’s enough to have even the most seasoned business professional searching for solid ground. With fluctuating moods, what is the best way to handle the pending economic uncertainty?
Published in March 2009
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Back To The ‘Drawing’ Board
Are shop drawings a necessary evil…or profit saver?

    So, you got that job and it’s time to install the system. If it was a consultant-designed project, the specs probably call for submittals, including shop drawings, to be submitted for approval before you order the equipment. You might be thinking to yourself, “Why on Earth does a consultant ask for this stuff? This is going to cost me a lot of money in engineering time and I just don’t have room in the project budget for this!”
Published in January 2009
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How To Be Optimistic In 2009
In spite of challenges, the House of Worship segment should do well.

    I expect 2009 to be an exceptional year for House of Worship business. There certainly are challenges facing our world and our industry. Every day, the news agencies bombard us with financial struggles on Wall Street and Main Street. We also see corporate and personal greed showing its ugly head.
Published in January 2009
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Kayye's Krystal Ball, V.09
The author reviews how he did last itme, and makes projections for the future.

    Welcome to my tenth annual Krystal Ball feature, predicting the upcoming year for commercial AV (and even some home AV) technology, trends and products.
Published in December 2008
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2008: A Challenging Year
Key concepts to generate income during tough times.

    2008 was a challenging year for most of us who work in the audiovisual industry. The economic downturn, along with the high cost of just about everything, has led to a challenging outlook for every industry...
Published in December 2008
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Rough Ride Out
A perfect storm outlook for 2009.

    We are the world. Our economy affects every other, and every other economy affects ours. We are interconnected: a global network of finance, markets and investments. Our economies borrow from each other, sell to each other and invest in each other.
Published in November 2008
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Surveying The Digital Signage Landscape
NSCA’s Q3 MIB captures industry direction.

    Within the electronics systems industry, digital signage has become something of a buzzword…and with good reason. A recent report by the National Systems Contractors Association (NSCA) showed that a majority of industry members use the technology.
Published in October 2008
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Demystifying Sustainability And LEED
How important is LEED to AV?
    Perhaps more than any other topic, green issues surround us today, both at work and at home. It seems that virtually all manufacturers are now weaving green text into their marketing campaigns in some form or another
Published in October 2008
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Flight Of Imagination
Analyzing AV market trends in themed entertainment.
    Where can you take a ride with the Simpsons, play virtual carnival games, escape a dragon’s lair, explore the inside of a dinosaur or rock out with Led Zeppelin? At the country’s assortment of theme parks, waterparks and museums, of course.
Published in September 2008
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AV Superheroes
Thank You, Iron Man!
    When students in the AV Café recall their childhood aspirations, the usual laundry list comes up: firefighter, nurse, truck driver, animal doctor and, of course, football, baseball, basketball and hockey player.
Published in August 2008
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Striking a Balance
Design, integration and technology management must work together in today's churches.
     The new contemporary church model characterized by the heavy use of technology and multimedia has provoked profound changes to such things as facility design, multimedia systems design and staffing requirements, to name just a few.
Published in April 2008
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Communicating With Decision-Makers (Part 2)
Breaking down titles, roles and responsibilities in Catholicism and Juadaism.
      In Part 1 of this series last month, we glanced at Protestant/Christian churches. This time around, we’ll take a peek at Catholicism and Judaism.
Published in March 2008
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Communinicating with Decision-Makers (Part 1)
Breaking down titles,roles, and responsibilities.
     In Part 1 of this series, we will focus, in general terms, on the Protestant Christian faith. We will point out some of the new decision-makers, their titles, their roles and how they impact church business.
Published in February 2008
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In the AV World, Educating Architects Benefits Everyone
Even when we do our best, the results could be even better.
     Telaid is committed to following Audio Visual Best Practices. One of the frustrations in striving for the best is realizing that, even when we do our best, the results could be even better.
Published in February 2008
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NSCA: Numbers Paint A Picture of Industry Health
Breaking down the latest stats.
     Each year, the National Systems Contractors Association (NSCA) takes the financial pulse of the commercial electronic systems industry. Our recent Cost of Doing Business Survey was the eighth such report in a series.
Published in January 2008
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Should 'Spec' Be A Four Letter Word?
The good, the bad and the ugly aspects of them.
     In the AV industry, the term “spec” is one of those loosely used terms that frequently is misunderstood. Spec is the common short name for “specifications.” For anyone involved in the formal construction industry, having an accurate understanding and appreciation for...
Published in January 2008
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Environmental Directives
What they mean to the US construction market.
     The booming construction market in the United States has spawned an increased awareness of the built environment’s ecological impact. With an estimated 118 billion buildings in the States by 2010, there has been widespread adoption by the architectural community...
Published in November 2007
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