Add Multi-input Video, Projector Control, Audio Mixing, and Amplification to Any Room!


The VSA-X21 is an HDBaseT™  Receiver with 50watt audio amp, and flexible Web-based GUI for selecting inputs, controlling volume, turning the display on/off, and more. VSA-X21 can drive 8 ohm speakers and is compatible with any HDBaseT™ compliant sender such as the Hall Research models UHBX-S-WP wall plate HDMI sender, or the UHBX-SW3-WP sender with multiple HDMI and VGA inputs. The VSA-X21 provides power to the senders using PoH and also employs “Long-Reach” mode allowing Cat6 cable lengths to 150 meters.

For mixing audio from microphones or other sources, a separate audio input is provided.

It can also control other devices such as projectors via RS232 or LAN. When connected to a network, control can be done via LAN either using Telnet, or using the embedded WebGUI. A keypad port is provided for connection to the optional VSA-UI-DP keypad wall plate when physical control of the room is needed.

Advanced features include: auto display On/Off control, auto input selection, priority page mute, HDMI audio ducking, L/R stereo to mono mixer, and ARC audio support.

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