4K Monitor/Test Pattern Generator/ Analyzer for VGA and HDMI


Having a compact and portable test device is an asset to any installer troubleshooting a system in the field. The PGA-VHD is a battery operated (rechargeable) HDMI 2.0 / HDCP 2.2 test pattern generator. It can act as an HDMI monitor supporting input resolutions to 4K UHD @ 60 4:4:4 for signal verification and troubleshooting during installations. When configured as a Pattern Generator, it can provide both legacy VGA and digital HDMI outputs supporting HDMI 2.0 with HDR standards. The analyzer can perform system level “loop test” acting as both source and sink to test repeaters, extenders and cables. This test will check for cable stability by checking bit error rate of the signal quality. Users can upload and save their own test patterns and images to the PGA-VHD. HDCP encryption and authentication capability may be checked by easily selecting between HDCP 1.4 and 2.2. Audio output of up to 8-channel @ 192Ksampling rate is provided. It also gives many audio parameters and AVI infoframe packet data. EDID information of the display can be read off of the HDMI output.

The unit comes with a universal power supply but is also battery-powered and can work up to 4 hours continuously on a single charge. A molded carrying case is included.

Overall, the multitude of diagnostic options and an easy-to-use interface make this an important tool.

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