4K-Javelin™ Active Plenum HDMI Cable with Detachable Ends

4K-Javelin™ Active Plenum HDMI Cable with Detachable EndsHall Research announces the 4K-Javelin™ active plenum HDMI cable with detachable HDMI/DVI connector ends. The removable ends allow the cable to be pulled through smaller conduits due to the micro HDMI sized connector.  The 4K-Javelin™ cables utilize the latest in optoelectronics to extend HDMI signals 33-100 ft with zero loss. The cables are a light-weight hybrid of fiber and copper and support all PC and HDTV resolutions including 4K Ultra HD. The HDCP compliant cables also support DDC and CEC. Proprietary circuitry is conveniently incorporated inside the HDMI connectors to convert the video signals to light pulses and back. The cable ships with detachable HDMI connectors, but users can purchase extra DVI detachable ends allowing for DVI-to-HDMI or DVI-to-DVI configurations using the same cable. A pulling capsule with eyelet is provided in each package to aid with pulling.


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