InfoComm16 New AV Product Wrap-Up

1602 Group – Media Server/Show Controller

1602 Group’s TiMax SoundHub-M media server handles system management, playback, dynamic 3D spatialization and show control for exhibit installations. TiMax can run itself and other peripherals to an internal date/time scheduler, or just as readily slave to external show controllers, such as Medialon, Crestron and AMX. It can work with the AV Portal modular networked show control platform. The AV Portal transport and multi-format protocol translator activities are programmed in its own object-based controller software, which also builds the TiMax Portal touchscreens using browser-based HTML5 and Java tools. AV Portal can be driven by sequenced XML command events directly from the TiMax SoundHub, programmed in the timeline editor.

1602 Group

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